Viscometer with High Accuracy (Anti-Interference Ability)


Key Features

  • Advanced mechanical design technology, manufacturing technology and microcomputer control
    technology with accurate data acquisition
  • High subdivision drive stepper motor rotation smooth and precise
  • White backlit display and high brightness LCD display.
  • Can display viscosity, speed, sample liquid temperature, percent, rotor number, and the
    selection of the rotor speed can measure current maximum range value
  • Power supply with 12V adapter anti-interference ability; design of dedicated printer port for
    printing out the measurement results
  • Can be preset speed of 4 files, 8 files, and 18 file, also can be step less, to meet the different
    ranges of measurement requirements
  • Exceeds range of the upper and lower limits with alarms or digital flashing prompts. Both to
    protect the instrument from damage and for timely adjustment of the rotor.
  • Standard sample temperature sensor real-time monitoring to ensure the accuracy of
  • Measurement temperature range 0-200 ℃ and the measurement accuracy is ± 0.1 ℃.

Technical Specifications

Measurement range (mPa.s) 10~10×104 10~2×106
Rotor speed (r/min) 6/12/30/60 0.3/0.6/1.5/


Rotor Specifications 1#2#3#4# 1#2#3#4#
Measurement error
±1% ±1%
Repeatability ±0.5% ±0.5%
Optional printer printout No optional printer
PC communication
no no
Power Supply AC(220±10%)V

(50±10% )Hz


(50±10% )Hz

Ambient temperature 5℃~35℃ 5℃~35℃
Relative humidity less than 80% less than 80%

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