Whiteness Meter with Standard Plate (High-Efficiency Circuit)



Key Features

  • Adopt the quality imported & original components, with the high-efficiency & low-spoilage circuit, and with the good reliability
  • The design with the reliable active platform, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of the light leak in the measurement hole
  • Adopt the standard white plate rated by the central government to convey the standard value, and the measurement is accurate and reliable

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range 0-199
Illuminant D65
Whiteness Mean Whiteness degree of blue light  Wb=R457
Calibrate 30
Basic Error 1
Power Supply AC  220V/50Hz  35W
Measuring Condition 45/0
Show system LCD monitor
Minimum Readout 0.1
Zero Draft 0.1
Repeatability 0.2
External Dimension  12.80in x 10.43in x 11.02in



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