GAO Tek offers a wide selection of high quality yet affordable cable options divided into three categories that include a large variety of products. The categories available are CATV meters & instruments, CCTV & video equipment, and Ethernet & others, which include many devices to compile with the needs of various industries.

The cable TV (CATV) meters & instruments category presents products such as cable fault locators, quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) & pulse code modulation (PCM) analyzers and signal level meters. Furthermore, our closed circuit television (CCTV) & video equipment category includes color video quad processors and multi-functional CCTV testers. Additionally, our Ethernet and others category carries products such as Ethernet testers and time analyzers.

 CATV, CCTV, and Ethernet Products: A Detailed Description

Functions of Cable Instruments & Equipment

Cable TV meters are essential for installing and maintaining TV cable systems. A CATV Signal meter is used to check or test the signal levels as a solid signal is the source for functioning of a CATV. All the CATV signal meters are compact, lightweight and are perfectly suited for conducting tests under a variety of environments.

The products in the CCTV & video equipment group are used for video cameras to transmit signals to specific places or to specific sets of monitors. CCTV and video devices can work in real-time monitoring with a built-in clock and date generator so it is easy to track every sequence.

Products under the Ethernet and others category are designed for telecommunications testing and have protocols with measurement accuracy up to nanosecond, to measure, analyze, and evaluate the synchronization deviation on a variety of time and frequency interfaces.


GAO Tek´s cable instruments and equipment are portable, easy to use, affordable and durable products. They typically feature large and easy to read LCD displays, which present test results and indicate power level. Some of the products contain long life batteries and USB interfaces for transferring and archiving data to PCs. Moreover, a selection of these devices can work in real-time monitoring with a built-in clock, and date generator so it’s easy to track every sequence.

Applications and Industries

The products under cable instruments and equipment can be used in a wide range of industries such as  petrochemical facilities, mining industry, digital industry, and Internet service. Other applications for these products are surveillance in areas that may need monitoring and crime prevention such as banks, casinos, airports, industrial plant area, military institutions, convenience stores, and home security.


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