Laser Based Methane Gas Detectors

GAO Tek laser-based methane gas detectors utilize advanced laser technology to detect the presence of methane gas in the environment. Methane is a colorless and odorless gas that is highly flammable, making it crucial to monitor its levels, especially in industrial settings, oil and gas facilities, and areas where there is a risk of gas leaks. Here’s a brief description of our laser-based methane gas detectors, highlighting their benefits: principle of operation, tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy high sensitivity and selectivity, fast response time, wide detection range, long-range detection, continuous monitoring ,minimal interference, reduced maintenance, non-intrusive, environmentally friendly, and user-friendly interface.
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GAOTek Laser Remote Methane Gas Detector

GAOTek laser remote methane gas detector uses tunable laser spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology to detect gas leaks quickly and accurately within 30 meters. 

GAOTek Laser Remote Methane Gas Leak Detector

GAOTek laser remote methane gas leak detector is the gas detection system that presents a groundbreaking solution with a focus on intrinsic safety, ensuring reliable performance in hazardous environments.

GAOTek Methane Gas Telemetry Detector

Features Designed to detect methane gas from relatively long distances Allowing for gas monitoring in remote or hard-to-reach areas Compact,

GAOTek Pipeline Multipara-meter Methane

GAOTek Laser Gases Analyzer for Pipeline Multipara-meter Methane is a new generation of multi-functional and portable device which can upload information in real-time.

GAOTek Portable Laser Methane Gas Detector

GAOTek portable laser methane gas detector is a one button that achieves all function instrument.

GAOTek Portable Laser Methane Gas Detector

GAOTek portable laser methane gas detector uses advanced laser gas detection technology.