Circuit Parameter Testers

GAO Tek circuit parameter testers are devices used to measure and analyze various electrical parameters in electronic circuits. Our testers are designed to evaluate the performance and characteristics of electronic components and circuits, ensuring they meet specific requirements and standards. Here are some key points regarding circuit parameter testers and their benefits: measurement of electrical parameters, quality control and assurance, fault diagnosis and troubleshooting, performance optimization, efficient prototyping, speed and accuracy, comprehensive testing, reliability testing, documentation and compliance, cost savings.
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GAOTek Circuit Breaker Tester

GAOTek circuit breaker tester is applicable to all the types of SF6 switch, GIS switchgear, vacuum switch and oil switch with metal contact manufactured at home and abroad.

GAOTek Circuit Contact Resistance Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit contact resistance parameter tester is a high-precision and digital switch testing instrument.

GAOTek Circuit Current Adjustable Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit current adjustable parameter tester is used for testing the electrical insulation resistance characteristics of large high-voltage transformer, motor appliances, remote power cables or buried cables under the strong interference site such as high-voltage substation and power plant.

GAOTek Circuit High Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit high parameter tester is a special instrument developed to meet the needs of various high voltage switch operating characteristics tests.

GAOTek Circuit High Voltage Parameter Tester

This Circuit High Voltage Parameter Tester has output power of 30 V to 250 V, humidity of 80% RH and temperature range of 14 °F to 104 °F.

GAOTek Circuit Impedance Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit impedance parameter tester is designed for efficient and accurate calibration of the primary measurement functions of the predominant Transformer Comprehensive Parameter Testers and Transformer No-Load Loss Parameter Testers available in the market.

GAOTek Circuit Loop Resistance Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit loop resistance parameter tester is suitable for precision measurement for high or low voltage switches contact resistance and cable or line DC resistance.

GAOTek Circuit Parameter Resistance Tester

GAOTek circuit parameter resistance tester adopts the new technology of the power supply which can continuously output large current for a long time.

GAOTek Circuit Resistance Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit resistance parameter tester is the new technology of the power supply, which can continuously output large current for a long time.

GAOTek Circuit Transformer Capacity Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit transformer capacity parameter tester is a new type of instrument developed and designed for poor power users to evade basic electricity charges and privately increase capacity.

GAOTek Circuit Transformer Ratio Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit transformer ratio parameter tester can be used for quality supervision of transformer, to prevent the transformer inter-turn short circuit, open circuit, connection error, voltage regulating switch internal fault or contact failure.

GAOTek Circuit Voltage Level Parameter Tester

GAOTek circuit voltage level parameter tester is a special instrument developed to meet the needs of various high-voltage switch operating characteristics tests.

GAOTek Comprehensive Circuit Tester

GAOTek comprehensive circuit parameter tester is a special device for measuring various mechanical characteristic parameters of power switches.

GAOTek Dynamic Portable Circuit Parameter Tester

This Dynamic Portable Circuit Parameter Tester has measuring range of 20 V to 270 V, maximum current of 30 A and power supply of AC 220 V ± 10%.

GAOTek Eddy Current Conductivity Tester

GAOTek eddy conductivity meter is the upgrading product which have the leading technology performance, can totally instead of the similar products overseas.

GAOTek Handheld Partial Discharge Tester

This handheld discharge tester has a built-in 12V lithium battery, a temperature range of 14–185 °F, and a built-in ultrasonic and TEV sensor.

GAOTek High Voltage Tester

GAOTek high voltage tester adopts new technique, new material and new component with features of high output power, small volume, light weight, etc.

GAOTek No Load Current Level Parameter Tester

This No Load Current Level Parameter Tester has frequency of 45 Hz to 55 Hz, power supply of 220 V AC and temperature of 23 °F to 104 °F.

GAOTek Portable Circuit Parameter Tester

This Portable Circuit Parameter Tester has an internal trigger test range of 1 ms to 20000 ms, resistance range of 1000 Ω and accuracy of 1 %.

GAOTek Portable Handheld Precision Voltmeter

GAOTek portable handheld precision voltmeter is a handheld precision AC current pressure gauge that can accurately measure the range of 20 mV to 10 V small-signal voltages, and the AC voltage measurement capability is better than 8-digit semi-high-precision standard   digital multi meter.

GAOTek Portable High Voltage Circuit Breaker Tester

GAOTek portable high voltage circuit breaker tester performs three main tasks When closed, they must conduct the current as effectively as possible. When open, they must insulate the contacts from one another as effectively as possible.

GAOTek Portable Radon Detector

GAOTek portable radon detector is based on the high-voltage electrostatic adsorption alpha spectroscopy method, the gas containing radon is sucked into the electrostatic collection chamber with an air pump, once radon undergoes alpha decay, the radon atoms become positively charged polonium atoms (ions), move to the surface of the detector under the action of high-voltage electric field, and is adsorbed on the detector.

GAOTek Voltage Generator Circuit Tester

GAOTek voltage generator circuit tester apply to direct current voltage test and leakage test of zinc oxide arrester, magnetic blow arrester, power cable, transformer, generator and other equipment in electric power, railway, chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, steel and other departments.

GAOTek Voltage Short Circuit Tester

This voltage short circuit tester has a usage temperature of 14 °F to 104 °F, an usage humidity of <90%, and maximum output voltage of 50 V.