Every day, GAOTek cable fault locators are used by electricians and technicians to find faults and breaks in underground electrical and communications cables.


Adhering to the highest standards of performance and reliability, our cable fault locators are precise and practical devices that deliver an immediate reading of location and distance of a break-in pair of wires and cables. Use them in the field for both underground and above-ground level testing.


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As portable fiber optic instruments, our high quality cable fault locators make use of the time domain reflectometer (TDR) and bridge methods, both of which use advanced micro-electronics technology. These devices are built to display the exact fault location and distance for cables covered with sheath, plastic, or lead. For field staff, this will help reduce labor intensity while enhancing work efficiency and precision.

Cable fault locators are vital to quickly and safely identifying issues with cable while minimizing the downtime users are experiencing. Fault location instruments from GAOTek are acclaimed for their ability to provide fast and accurate results on testing communication, power, and control cables. They’ve proven to be highly effective at identifying short circuit faults, cable cuts, resistive faults, intermittent faults, and sheath faults.

Choose the cable fault locator that’s right for your work and the type of cable you’re working with on a regular basis. For example, you can measure the fault location in broken lines, cross faults, lead covered cables, and plastic cables with one product or choose another to measure metallic cables. Every job is different and so you need a product which isn’t going to compromise on the type of cable you’re measuring. GAOTek cable fault locators are second to none, and protected with mobile and battery powered systems for standalone operation.

For all your industrial or commercial-grade cable fault locators for above-ground or underground cables, GAOTek would love to assist. Contact one of our product experts today for a quote or browse our website for more information on the benefits of cable fault locators.

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This cable fault locator combines the function of both Time Domain Reflectometer(TDR) and intelligent bridge testing (bridge). It measures the exact fault location in the broken line, cross faults, lead covered cables, and plastic cables


This TDR Cable fault Locator device is designed to measure the faults which can be broken line, cross faults on plastic cables and lead covered cables