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GAOTek 50 k Generator, Reactive Power Compensation, Comprehensive Quality Management

High-performance power quality correction system with wide range compensation and flexible configuration.

GAOTek Active Power Quality Equipment Management

GAOTek Active Power Quality Equipment Management is a perfect comprehensive solution to power quality problems with power grid such as harmonic wave, reactive power, and three-phase load unbalance.

GAOTek Intelligent Remote Power Management Systems

GAOTek Intelligent Power Management to boost efficiency. Control and monitoring are made simple with SNMP Agent, Auto Ping, and 20 port control. Temperature display and a secure Ethernet connection provide dependability.

GAOTek Outdoor Shelter Power Supply Management

GAOTek Outdoor Shelter system to manage power supply with certainty. It is windproof, fire-resistant (B2), high-temperature resistant (-76°F to 176°F), and has an IP55-65 rating.

GAOTek Power Remote Management Network IP Power Controller

GAOTek IP Power Controller will revolutionize power management. providing remote control, several connectors, and an Ethernet interface. Real-time monitoring, overcurrent protection, and seamless management are provided via unified software.

GAOTek Rackmount PDU Power Strips

The Rackmount PDU Power Strips are devices fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within a data center.

GAOTek Remote Centralized Power Management Box

Elevate control with GAOTek Remote Power Management. Monitor, control, and more with chip-level anti-interference. Certified by UL, CE, and CSA, it offers 24 ways output and customizable functions.

GAOTek Remotely Control Metal Housing Smart PDU For Power Management

GAOTek Smart PDU enables remote power control. including an aluminum alloy casing, 8 outlets, a stackable design, and customizable British plugs. Monitor, manage, and control your devices with ease.

    GAOTek Switched PDU Power Strip Surge Web Management

    SKU: GAOTek-PWRM-115
    GAOTek Switched PDU Power Strip Surge Web Management products according to the international development trend of the power distribution management technology, combined with the data center application environment of technology and market demand.

    GAOTek Voltage Control And Reactive Power Management

    SKU: GAOTek-PWRM-113
    GAOTek Voltage Control and Reactive Power Management uses insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) to control the magnitude and phase of inverter AC voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of reactive power and harmonic compensation.

    GAOTek Waterproof Power Supply Management System

    SKU: GAOTek-PWRM-118
    GAOTek Waterproof Power System: 32A outputs, reliable breakers, and LED indicators. has a multi-purpose power meter. Dimensions: 21.25″x16.53″x16.53″, IP44 & IP67 rated. Available for OEM/ODM alterations.