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Methane Gas Detectors

Methane can be an extremely dangerous gas, particularly in industrial and commercial environments. Unlike other gases, methane is odorless and thereby undetectable by smell. It’s also highly flammable and combustible with oxygen. As methane is a primary component of natural gas, it’s found readily in our natural environment and is applied across a wide range of different industries.

GAOTek offers a diverse selection of high quality, affordable methane gas detectors which are available for sale in the US, Canada, and globally. Lightweight and portable, our methane gas detectors have been designed for everyday use in the field by experienced professionals. Browse basic and advanced features, ranging from the sound alarm to data recording functionality.

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When you pick up one of our methane gas detectors, you can rest assured you’re going to get a highly precise, accurate reading in real-time. Wherever methane is present, you would never know without a detector when the toxic gas has made its way out through a leak. It’s also surprisingly easy for methane to seep through cracks in the floor or similar portals. If you want to keep employees safe and operations running smoothly, a gas detector’s absolutely required.

Numerous environments across North America and the world make use of methane gas detectors and sensors like GAOTek’s. Although methane is dangerous, it’s also tremendously efficient in the application at pulp and paper mills, food processing plants, and in petroleum refineries. Methane-based combustion has helped businesses and facilities like these dry, melt, and sanitize a diverse array of products. Despite the stated danger, methane is not going anywhere anytime soon because of its high level of performance.

Beyond the applications mentioned, methane should always be monitored in enclosed or underground spaces such as mines and power plans. As it oftentimes displaces oxygen, asphyxiation risk is very real to workers in these enclosed environments. Using a methane gas detector however, you’ll ensure you’re equipped with robust and accurate monitoring of your environment on an ongoing basis. Worker safety will not be compromised!

Anywhere in Canada, the United States, or internationally, you can minimize your risk and guarantee safety in the face of a potentially toxic gas leak by purchasing a GAOTek methane gas detector today.

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