Industrial Turbidimeters

GAO Tek Industrial turbidimeters are specialized instruments used to measure the turbidity of liquids in industrial settings. In industrial applications, maintaining optimal water quality is crucial for various processes, and turbidimeters play a key role in monitoring and controlling turbidity levels. Here’s a brief description with emphasis on the benefits of our industrial turbidimeters, precise turbidity measurement, a wide range of applications, process control, compliance with regulations, quality assurance, reduced wastage, early detection of issues, and automation integration.
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GAOTek Portable Formaldehyde Content Test Turbidimeter Meter

GAOTek Turbidimeter Portable Formaldehyde Content Test Turbidimeter Meter is a compact and portable device specifically designed for measuring the formaldehyde content in water.

GAOTek Portable Waterproof Industrial Optical Turbidity Sensor

GAOTek Industrial Optical Turbidity Sensor is a portable and waterproof device designed for online water turbidity monitoring.

Turbidimeter with Data Storage (Quick Automatic Correction)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features¬† AC & DC power supply, low power consumption, cabinet and handsome contour design, facilitating