Water Quality Testers with multi-parameters

GAO Tek’s water quality testers with multi-parameters are advanced devices designed to assess various characteristics of water simultaneously. these products go beyond traditional single-parameter testers by incorporating the capability to measure multiple water quality indicators in a single device. some common parameters these testers can evaluate include pH levels, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, and more. The benefits of multi-parameter water quality testers are significant comprehensive analysis, time efficiency, cost-effective, real-time monitoring, data accuracy, versatility, and user-friendly.
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Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter (ORP, TDS and Salinity)

This portable ‘Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter (ORP, TDS and Salinity)’ has four-channel units design (pH/px, conductive, DO unit) and is useful in automatic identification of 25 kinds of buffer solutions.