High Precision Flaw Detectors

GAO Tek’s high-precision flaw detectors are advanced non-destructive testing instruments that excel in achieving meticulous accuracy in flaw detection. With the capability to identify ultra-small defects crucial in industries like aerospace and microelectronics, these detectors offer precise defect sizing and exceptional signal resolution. Their accurate depth profiling provides insights into defect locations, while low false positive/negative rates ensure reliable results. Operators benefit from fine-tuned parameter control, and real-time feedback with unmatched accuracy, and versatility across various materials. With advanced data analysis capabilities, these detectors contribute to a comprehensive understanding of material conditions, making them indispensable in applications demanding the highest precision in non-destructive testing.
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GAOTek Concrete Crack Width Detector

This Concrete Crack Width Detector has measuring range of 0.007 in to 0.7 in, reading accuracy of 0.0007 in, 40 times magnifications with li battery.

GAOTek High Precision Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

GAO ultrasonic flaw detector is a testing product to detect, locate, evaluate, and diagnose various defects as cracks and pores inside the workpiece.

Flaw Detector with High Performance Battery (Low Error Rate)

Key Features Specifications Key Features English operation key film, simple and easy to understand. All Chinese display, master-slave menu, and

Flaw Detector with High Scanning Speed (Full Metal Jacket)

Overview Key Features Specifications Overview GAOTek Flaw Detector with High Scanning Speed detects defects like steel, copper, organic glass etc.,