GAO’s Follow Me Drones are advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with intelligent tracking technology that allows them to autonomously follow a designated target. These drones are designed to cater to the needs of experienced professionals who require hands-free aerial filming or monitoring capabilities. 

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GAOTek 10L Agricultural Sprayer Drone

GAOTek introduces the 10L Agricultural Sprayer Drone, a heavy payload solution designed to redefine precision agriculture.

GAOTek 2 Axis EIS Drone

This 2 axis EIS drone has a diagonal wheel base of 7.28 in, a flight altitude of 0.07 mi, a frequency of 2.4 G, and a flight time of 23 min to 26 min.

GAOTek 2023 C-FLY Faith 2 Pro

This C-FLY Faith 2 Pro drone – an advanced aerial companion equipped with GPS precision, a 4K UHD camera for breathtaking visuals, and an extended 30-minute flight capability.

GAOTek 2024 NEW EVO Nano Drone

This Unveil the 2024 NEW EVO Nano 4K HD – a compact marvel offering stunning 4K HD visuals, advanced features, and unparalleled aerial experiences.

GAOTek 4k HD Drone

This Faith 2 Pro 4K HD Drone delivers superior aerial imaging and performance. Elevate your perspective with advanced features

GAOTek 6 Directional Drone

This 6 Directional Drone has an image transmission distance of 6.21 mi, a max flight time of 55 min, and a map transmission of 15 km, 1080 p.  

GAOTek Agricultural Sprayer Drone

GAOTek introduces the Agricultural Sprayer Drone, a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes farm spraying operations.

GAOTek Beginner Drones Camera Follow Me Drone

This Follow Me Drone with great features like real-time tracking, geo-fence, low power consumption, GPS foldable drone and more for beginner user.

GAOTek Brushless Foldable Drone

This 5G wi-fi GPS brushless foldable RC drone quadcopter with single axis gimbal follows me drone has ultrasonic sensor with electric power.

GAOTek Brushless Follow Me Drone

This Follow Me Drone is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope, a 1080P HD camera, and a 2.4GHz remote control for aerial photography and videography.

GAOTek Brushless Optic Drone

This GPS drone with 5G wi-fi 4K HD dual camera brushless optical flow RC Quadcopter follow me mini drone with a portable bag and electric power source.

GAOTek Cargo Lift Drone

This cargo lift drone has a flight radius of ≤ 3.11 mi, a flight speed of 1 m / s to 15 m / s, and a power life of the aircraft ≥ 100,000 hrs.

GAOTek DIVA Smart Drone

This Diva Smart Drone Capture breathtaking 4K aerial photography effortlessly. Elevate your visual storytelling with advanced features

GAOTek DJI FlyCart Drone

This Explore the DJI FlyCart 30 FC30 Delivery Cargo  a high-performance solution designed for efficient and reliable cargo delivery. With cutting-edge technology.


This Drone Combo with Goggles: Immerse yourself in the thrill of high-speed FPV flights. This combo delivers cutting-edge technology, stunning visuals, and an unmatched flying experience.

GAOTek DJI Matrice Drone

This DJI Matrice 300 RTK excels with triple-channel obstacle avoidance, advanced RTK capabilities, and a versatile payload system

GAOTek DJI Mavic 3 Classic Drone

SKU:  GAOTek-FMD-184
GAOTek DJI Mavic 3 Classic with DJI RC: Unleash aerial brilliance with this cutting-edge drone. Boasting powerful performance, advanced camera capabilities

GAOTek Dron Toy

This drone toy has a max flight height of 0.37 mi, a max ascent speed of 9 m / s, a max descent speed of 8 m / s, and flying time of 13 min to 15 min.  

GAOTek Drone For Mapping

GAOTek introduces the Drone for Mapping and Aerial Photography, a groundbreaking solution that redefines the possibilities in the realm of unmanned aerial vehicles.

GAOTek Drone With Follow Me Mode

This drone with follow me mode has a flight radius of ≤ 3.11 mi, a flight speed of 1 m / s to 15 m / s, and a safe takeoff wind speed ≤ level 7.

GAOTek Drop shipping drone Altitude

Features Up/down, turn left/right, forward/backward, sideward flight, headless mode, altitude hold, GPS, Wi-Fi FPV, one key return, one key takeoff/landing

GAOTek Dual Camera Mini Drone

This GPS drone with 5G wi-fi 4K HD dual camera brushless optical flow RC quadcopter follow me mini drone with GPS made of plastic.

GAOTek Fixed Wing Drone

GAOTek presents the Fixed-Wing Drone with Quick-Release Cargo Bay, a cutting-edge solution that redefines aerial versatility.

GAOTek Flying Time Drone

This Flying Time Drone has 28 mins maximum flight time, with 4 K HD camera, and a charging time of 240 mins with 0.807 mi flying distance.

Key features of Follow Me Drones include: 

  • GPS Tracking: Our Follow me drones use GPS technology to track and follow the user or a designated subject. This ensures accurate positioning and movement. 
  • Object Recognition: GAO’s advanced drones feature object recognition technology, which allows them to identify and track specific objects or individuals, even in crowded or dynamic environments. 
  • Intelligent Flight Modes: GAO Tek Follow me drones often come with various intelligent flight modes such as Follow Mode, where the drone follows the user at a set distance and angle, Circle Mode, where the drone orbits around the subject, and Waypoint Mode, where users can predefine a flight path for the drone to follow. 
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Our modern follows me drones are equipped with obstacle avoidance sensors to detect and navigate around obstacles in their path, ensuring safe and smooth operation. 
  • Camera Stabilization: A stabilized camera gimbal is essential for capturing smooth and steady footage. Follow me drones typically feature a gimbal system that keeps the camera steady and level during flight, even in windy conditions. 
  • High-Quality Camera: GAO Tek Follow me drones often come equipped with high-quality cameras capable of capturing high-resolution photos and videos. Some models also support features like 4K video recording, HDR, and slow-motion capture. 
  • Long Battery Life: Our Extended battery life is crucial for prolonged flight sessions, especially when capturing footage over a significant distance or duration. Follow me drones typically feature batteries that provide enough power for extended flight times. 
  • Smartphone App Integration: GAO’s follow me drones can be controlled via a smartphone app, which provides additional features such as live video streaming, flight telemetry data, and remote control of camera settings. 
  • Return-to-Home Functionality: Our Follow me drones often include a return-to-home feature, which automatically brings the drone back to its take-off point if the battery is low or if the connection with the controller is lost. 
  • Compact and Portable Design: GAO Tek Portability is often a priority for users who want to take their drones on outdoor adventures. Follow me drones are typically designed to be lightweight and foldable for easy transport. 

Depending on their functions and applications, Follow Me Drones as may also be called Self-piloting UAVs, Intelligent Aerial Systems, Automated Flying Platforms, Smart Drones and Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs). 

GAO’s Follow Me Drones are composed of the following components: 

  • Tracking drones 
  • Personal drones 
  • Auto-follow drones 
  • Selfie drones 
  • Autonomous drones 
  • Companion drones 
  • Tracking UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) 
  • Smart drones 
  • Motion-tracking drones 
  • Pursuit drones 

GAO Tek’s Follow Me Drones have the following functions:  

  • Autonomous Tracking: Our Follow-me drones can track and follow a target autonomously without requiring constant manual control from the operator. This feature is particularly useful for capturing dynamic footage of moving subjects such as athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, or vehicles. 
  • Hands-Free Operation: GAO Tek Users can engage the follow-me mode and let the drone handle the tracking, allowing them to focus on other tasks or activities without needing to control the drone manually. 
  • Dynamic Perspectives: GAO’s Follow-me drones can capture footage from various angles and perspectives, providing dynamic and immersive shots that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional filming methods. 
  • Personalized Content Creation: These drones enable users to create personalized content by automatically capturing footage of themselves or others engaged in activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, or other outdoor adventures. 
  • Safety and Security: GAO’s Follow-me drones can be used for monitoring and surveillance purposes, providing aerial surveillance of an area or tracking individuals in search and rescue operations or security applications. 
  • Enhanced Selfies and Group Shots: GAO’s Follow-me drones can be used to capture aerial selfies or group shots with ease, eliminating the need for selfie sticks or relying on others to take photos. 
  • Professional Filmmaking: GAO’s filmmaking industry, follow-me drones are increasingly being used to capture cinematic shots and sequences, adding depth and complexity to film productions. 

GAO Tek’s Follow Me Drones are rugged and versatile aerial platforms. They comply with applicable industry standards such as: 

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations (USA) 
  • European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Regulations (EU) 
  • ISO Standards 
  • ASTM International Standards 
  • IEEE Standards 
  • CE Marking (EU) 
  • Industry-Specific Standards 
  • Battery and Electrical Standards 
  • Data Protection and Privacy Standards 
  • Local Regulations 

Our Follow Me Drones help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as 

  • Registration 
  • Remote ID 
  • Flight Restrictions 
  • No-fly Zones 
  • Commercial Operations 
  • Prohibition on Reckless Operation 
  • Special Permissions 

Our Follow Me Drones help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Registration 
  • Pilot Certification 
  • Flight Restrictions 
  • Visual Line of Sight 
  • Prohibition Zones 
  • Safety Features 
  • Insurance 
  • Privacy 

Our Follow Me Drones, also called, Self-piloting UAVs, Intelligent Aerial Systems, Automated Flying Platforms, Smart Drones, and Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs) have the following applications: 

  • Filmmaking and Videography: GAO’s Follow-me drones are extensively used in filmmaking and videography to capture dynamic aerial shots with precision. They can track subjects smoothly, providing filmmakers with stunning aerial footage for movies, commercials, documentaries, and more. 
  • Sports and Outdoor Events Coverage: Sports events like cycling, skiing, or running races, follow-me drones can autonomously track athletes, providing spectators with immersive aerial views. They can also be used in outdoor events such as festivals and concerts to capture the action from unique angles. 
  • Search and Rescue Operations: GAO’s Follow-me drones equipped with advanced cameras and sensors are valuable tools for search and rescue operations. They can quickly locate and track missing persons or survey disaster areas, providing real-time data to rescue teams and aiding in their efforts. 
  • Surveillance and Security: GAO Tek security applications, follow-me drones can patrol designated areas autonomously, monitoring for suspicious activities or intruders. They offer a cost-effective solution for enhancing security measures in large areas such as industrial sites, borders, or critical infrastructure facilities. 
  • Precision Agriculture: Follow-me drones equipped with specialized sensors can monitor crop health, detect pests and diseases, and assess crop yield. They enable farmers to make data-driven decisions, optimize irrigation and fertilization, and ultimately increase crop productivity. 
  • Construction and Infrastructure Inspection: GAO’s Follow-me drones are used in the construction industry to inspect structures, monitor progress, and ensure compliance with safety regulations. They can access hard-to-reach areas, reducing the need for manual inspections and improving overall efficiency. 
  • Environmental Monitoring: GAO Tek Follow-me drones play a crucial role in environmental monitoring by collecting data on wildlife, ecosystems, and natural phenomena. They can be used to track animal migrations, monitor deforestation, or assess the impact of climate change on remote landscapes. 
  • Surveying and Mapping: In surveying and mapping applications, follow-me drones can quickly and accurately capture aerial imagery, allowing professionals to create detailed maps, 3D models, and terrain profiles. They are valuable tools for urban planning, land management, and infrastructure development projects. 

More detailed information on such applications in various industries can be found on Drones Use By Industry.

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Our Follow Me Drones can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada from a nearby warehouse in U.S. or Canada and can also be shipped globally. 

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