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Multi-functional CCTV Testers

GAOTek offers a wide collection of affordable and high quality multi-functional CCTV testers for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. These simple and convenient multi-functional devices provide monitoring and analytical data when installing and maintaining the CCTV systems for video levels and video signals of the image. The multi-functional CCTV testers capture video images and save the current video frame as JPEG files. Moreover, they are used to record and save current video on a SD card as a record.


Multi-functional CCTV testers send special signals to make the connected PEO port flicker at a specific frequency which will enable the installers to quickly find the connected Ethernet cable. These devices prevent incorrect insertion and disconnection of non-corresponding cables. Videos generate PAL/NTSC multi-system by receiving the video color bar to test the video channel. Thus, the testers work by deciding whether the color is different due to transmission loss or interference.

The devices are ideal for video transmission such as optical video transmitters and receivers, and video cables. Moreover, multifunctional CCTV testers have optional functions such as digital multi-meter, optical power meter, visual fault locator, TDR (time-domain reflectometer) break-point, and short-circuit measurement.


GAOTek’s multi-functional CCTV testers are lightweight and portable which is greatly beneficial for CCTV technicians who require it for installing, testing, and maintaining security camera systems.

The multifunctional CCTV testers have built-in LCD displays which support PAL/NTSC brightness/contrast/color saturation. Additionally, they have video signal strength attenuation, and can display video level values, input video images and signal range notification.

These CCTV testers have additional features such as easy-to-read video display, PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) control audio tests, and color generators. Moreover, they have IP address scan, video screen shot, video record, image magnification, port flicker, cable search, LED lamp, POE power supply testing and PING testing. The testers also have built-in TDR cable testing, which is designed to accurately measure BNC cables, network cable’s break points, and short-circuit locations.

Applications and Industries

Multifunctional CCTV testers are widely used for CCTV system installation and maintenance. These are needed to professionally install, maintain, and test CCTV systems.

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