Surface Temperature Infrared Thermometers

GAO Tek surface temperature infrared Thermometers are specialized devices designed specifically for measuring the temperature of surfaces without the need for direct contact. These thermometers offer unique benefits, particularly in industrial, manufacturing, and research applications where surface temperatures are critical: non-contact measurement, quick and efficient, versatility across materials, heat source identification, quality control and assurance, energy efficiency audits, preventive maintenance, user-friendly operation and contactless monitoring in sensitive environments.
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GAOTek WiFi Infrared Portable Thermal Imaging Industry Thermometer

SKU: GAOTek-ITI -109
Features Full color screen, allows for detailed showing of infrared generated images Visible image resolution, high definition of images 5

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (16GB SD,Laser Indication)

The Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (16GB SD, Laser Indication) integrates surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal images.