Water Quality pH Meters

GAO Tek’s Water Quality pH Meters are essential tools designed for accurate water analysis. Our water quality pH meter is a specialized instrument designed for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of water samples. These pH meters are tailored for applications related to water quality assessment and monitoring. Some key features and benefits of our water quality pH meters include regulatory compliance, end product quality, versatility, accuracy and sensitivity, and range compatibility.
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GAOTek Handheld pH Meter

GAOTek handheld pH meter adopts a large LCD display that displays values in real-time. Up to 4 water quality sensors can be connected to measure various elements.

GAOTek Portable Chlorine and Ph Tester

This portable chlorine and PH tester has an AC 220 V working voltage, a 0 to 20 mg/L measurement range, ±1% accuracy, 0.001 mg/L resolution.

GAOTek Portable PH Meter

GAOTek Portable pH meter also been called as Water Testing Device or Water Quality Testing Device, it’s the device that measure the value of pH, Cond.