Multi-Application Thermal Imagers and Industrial Endoscopes

GAO Tek multi-application thermal imagers and industrial endoscopes are advanced inspection tools designed to serve diverse purposes across various industries. The term “multi-application” emphasizes the versatility of these devices, allowing them to be employed in a wide range of scenarios. Key features and benefits of multi-application thermal imagers and endoscopes include: versatility, increased efficiency, cost-effective solutions, enhanced diagnostic accuracy, and adaptability to industry standards.
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GAOTek Aircraft Industrial Video Endoscope

GAOTekaircraft industrial video endoscope is a 6-inch video endoscope product launched by VSNDT, with millions of high-definition cameras.

GAOTek Industrial Endoscope Camera

GAOTekindustrial endoscope camera,equipped with 5-in high-definition liquid crystal display, 360-degree omnidirectional guidance function, 720p million high-definition camera.

GAOTek Ultra-Fine Endoscope

The GAOTek Ultra-fine endoscope is equipped with a high-resolution camera boasting 490,000 pixels.

GAOTek Portable Endoscope (Video Record)

This Portable Endoscope (Video Record) enables detection of narrow and bending areas which other equipment cannot reach and features continuous recording and storage of videos.

Pipe Inspection Camera and DVR

This Pipe Inspection Camera and DVR is designed for maintenance in the pipes and wiring behind walls with PAL/NTSC Video Text Generator and 12 adjustable LEDs.