Industrial Hydrogen Gas Detectors

GAO Tek’s industrial hydrogen gas detectors are specialized devices designed to monitor and detect the presence of hydrogen gas in industrial environments. Hydrogen is commonly used in various industries, including chemical manufacturing, petrochemicals, electronics, and power generation. While hydrogen is a versatile and essential industrial gas, it can pose safety risks due to its flammable nature and potential for forming explosive mixtures in the air. Here are some key aspects and benefits of industrial hydrogen gas detectors: early detection of leaks, safety assurance, compliance with regulations, protection of assets, integration with control systems, versatility, maintenance alerts, data logging, and reporting.
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GAOTek Digital Track Gas Leak Detector

GAOTek digital track gas leak detector can detect mixture of 5% Hydrogen (H2) + 95% Nitrogen (N) with extreme sensitivity and the unit is built in newly developed heated semi-conductor sensor and microprocessor control to provide reliable digital signal processing.

GAOTek Gas Detector

GAOTek gas detector is a multi-in-one gas detector and it can continuously detect combustible oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic gases in ambient air, and detect up to 5 gases at the same time.

GAOTek Gas Leak Detector

GAOTek gas leak detector is a personal anti-gas detector that can continuously and simultaneously detect a variety of gas concentrations.

GAOTek Hydrogen Gas Detector

GAOTek Hydrogen Gas Detector is a waterproof and dustproof pump suction composite gas detector that detects single gas concentration or multiple (≤ 6 types) gas concentrations.

GAOTek Hydrogen Gas Detector

GAOTek hydrogen gas detector is a fixed type of detector that can continuously monitor four gases in operation at the same time, that is, flammable gas, oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide gas concentration.

GAOTek Hydrogen Gas Detector

GAOTek hydrogen gas detector offers a simple portable solution for the widest array of toxic gas and oxygen (O2) applications on the market.

GAOTek Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector

GAOTek Portable Hydrogen Leak Detector has accuracy of +3% F S, humidity of <95% RH no condensation, and operating temperature of -22 °F to 122 °F

GAOTek Hydrogen Portable Analyzer

GAOTek Hydrogen Portable Analyzer has alarm mode of sound, light, vibration, humidity of 0% to 95% RH, and display of LCD dot matrix display

GAOTek Portable Gas Analyzer

GAOTek portable gas analyzer is developed on the infrared detection principle and is endowed with high accuracy and excellent stability for its single light source & double tube air chamber technology.

GAOTek Portable Gas Concentration Detector

GAOTek portable gas concentration detector is with pump to detect gas concentration in the real time, it can directly display the gas concentration data, when the concentration exceeds a certain value, it will make alarm immediately

GAOTek Portable Multi-Gas Detector

GAOTek portable multi-gas detector using dot-matrix display technology, Chinese and English interface switching, can simultaneously detect 1-8 kinds of combustible and toxic and hazardous gases, the use of modular sensor components, can be replaced at anytime, anywhere, the use of different types of sensors, the results of the test results are displayed on the screen at the same time.