Industrial Tablets & PCs with Android OS

GAO Tek’s industrial tablets and PCs with Android OS offer a user-friendly and familiar interface for industrial computing needs. The benefits of the Android OS include a vast ecosystem of applications, seamless integration with existing Android devices, and enhanced customization options. These devices provide a versatile and intuitive platform, facilitating productivity in industrial environments while leveraging the flexibility and functionality of the Android operating system.
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Industrial PDA with RFID 13.56M reader (Barcode Scanner)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Bar Code Scan Reliable and durable: Industrial grade design, strong endurance, economical and durable. Strong

Industrial PDA with RFID Reader (Barcode Scanning)

Key Features Specifications Key Features MSM 4 core CPU, 1.2GHZ; RAM: 1G; Flash: 8G(optional RAM2G,ROM16G) IP65/Drop resistance from 1.2m 1D

Industrial Tablet PC with Bar-code Scanner (Glass Panel)

This Rugged Industrial Tablet PC with Bar Code Scanner (Glass Panel) has a unique feature of barcode scanning and comes with google play with processor frequency of 4.4 core, 1.2 GB

Industrial Tablet PC with G Acceleration Sensor (NFC)

This Industrial Tablet PC with G Acceleration Sensor (NFC) is designed with dual operating system and supports WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GPS and NFC network connections

Industrial Tablet PC- Barcode Scan (print identifier)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Advanced system: Android 4.4 operating system; quad core 1.2 GHz CPU; RAM 2G Three-proof design: