Mixed Oscilloscopes with Data Logging

GAO Tek’s Mixed Oscilloscopes with Data Logging are sophisticated instruments designed for extended monitoring and analysis. These oscilloscopes capture, timestamp, and log data over time, enabling comprehensive analysis, trend identification, and remote monitoring. Key benefits include prolonged testing capabilities, event correlation for understanding system behavior, and customizable parameters for efficient data capture. This makes them valuable for applications requiring long-term observations and detailed documentation.
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GAOTek 100 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

GAOTek Mixed Signal Oscilloscope is a powerful mixed signal oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 100MHz.

GAOTek Electronic Measuring Digital Storage Oscilloscope

This Electronic Measuring Digital Storage Oscilloscope has up to 100 MHz bandwidth, 2 % accuracy, and 7 in high resolution LCD.

GAOTek High-Resolution LCD Display Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope

This High-Resolution Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope has up to 240 V power supply, 100 MHz Bandwidth, < 3.5 ns rise time, 8 in LCD display.

GAOTek Mixed Signal Digital Oscilloscope 16 Logical Channel

This Digital Oscilloscope has 1 KHz frequency, 32°F to 122°F working temperature, 1 GSa/s sampling rate, and 7 in TFT 64 K true color LCD display.

GAOTek Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Technical Specifications  Analog Bandwidth  300 MHz, 200 MHz, 100 MHz, 80 MHz/60 MHz  Real-time sampling  2 GSa/s  Record length  64