Photoionization Hydrogen Gas Detectors

GAO Tek photoionization detectors (PID) are gas detectors that utilize the photoionization process to detect the presence of various gases, including hydrogen. In a photoionization detector, a high-energy ultraviolet (UV) lamp is employed to ionize gas molecules, creating positively charged ions and free electrons. The resulting ions pair generates a measurable electric current, which is then used to quantify the concentration of the target gas. For hydrogen gas detection specifically, photoionization detectors offer several benefits such as: sensitivity, wide detection range, real-time monitoring, selective detection, portability, compact design, low maintenance, and versatility.
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GAOTek Hydrogen Gas Detector

GAOTek Hydrogen Gas Detector is a waterproof and dustproof pump suction composite gas detector that detects single gas concentration or multiple (≤ 6 types) gas concentrations.

GAOTek Portable Hydrogen H2 Gas Detector

GAOTek portable hydrogen H2 gas detector adopts a 2.31-inch high-definition color screen for real-time display, and uses imported gas sensors of well-known brands