The GAOTek Clamp Meters are durable for all work environments and are versatile for measuring the vector sum of the currents. They are available within the United States, Canada and globally.

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ID: GT00Z600ZX

This AC and DC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC/DC current and leakage current with modern CT technology and digital integration technology.

ID: GT00Z600ZT

This AC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC current and AC leakage current and comes with an on-line AC current measuring system with a wide measuring range of current from 0mA~600A.

ID: GT00Z600ZW

This highly accurate AC and DC clamp meter with non-contact measurement is specially designed for measuring AC/DC current, leakage current, and repairing the car circuit leakage up to 600 V line voltage


This clamp meter with AC and DC Current enables measurement of online AC/DC leakage currents whose voltage is below 600 V.

ID: GT00Z600ZU

This high accuracy AC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC current, AC leakage current, and on-line current measuring systems with wide measuring range of 0 mA ~ 300 A

ID: GT00Z600ZV

This light-weight DC clamp meter measures DC leakage and low current with a resolution of up to 0.01 mA.


This Portable H/L Voltage Clamp Current Leaker measures high voltage current with a 12.5 in (32 cm) insulating rod, adopting the latest CT technology and integrating mask digital technology.


This three-channel leakage current tester provides online measurement, monitoring, and recording of three channel AC leakage currents at the same time by adopting the latest CT and magnetic shielding technology.


This H/L Voltage Clamp Meter with Data Memory provides high precision and high voltage current measurement by adopting the latest CT and integrated mask digital technology.


This H/L Voltage Clamp Meter is designed for measuring high voltage currents and comes with wireless receivers which can receive measured data within a 0.01 mi (30 m) line.


This H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter is used as a high-precision, low-voltage clamp meter and as a leakage current meter, measuring the current or leakage current of 0.01 mA, respectively.