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Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

Carbon monoxide has no smell, color, or taste. It’s commonly referred to as the ‘silent killer’ for these reasons. Sadly, one of the most common causes of death by poisoning in North America is carbon dioxide. The only guard you have against the risk of CO poisoning is a carbon monoxide gas detector.

Carbon monoxide can come into our environment through various means. Any time something is burned, carbon monoxide is released into the air. This includes gasoline, natural gas, wood, oil, propane, and charcoal. In outdoor spaces, the health hazard is low as there’s enough area to allow CO to simply dissipate which means the particles never reach a toxic level. As these materials are burned indoors however – such as in a home, RV, or garage – that’s where there’s risk.


A GAOTek carbon monoxide detector will give you the peace of mind in knowing you’re protected. Assuming you have a CO leak, you’ll never know until your body begins to show symptoms – nausea, headaches, confusion, and passing out. If you go unconscious as carbon monoxide fills your home, the consequences could be fatal. Thankfully, a CO detector will alert you any time the levels of the poisonous gas begin to rise.

There are three ways a carbon monoxide detector can operate – through a biomimetic sensor, a metal oxide semiconductor, or electrochemical sensor. Incorporating a carbon monoxide detector into your existing hazard assessment or security monitoring system could turn out to be life-saving. Catching signs of carbon monoxide and gas leaks early will give you the time to react, and get out of the space while the leak is repaired.

GAOTek carbon monoxide gas detectors are high quality, durable, and industrial-grade. Browse several different CO detectors and choose what’s right for you. Don’t be one of the thousands who will admit themselves to an emergency room this year for carbon monoxide poisoning. If you’re burning fuel or materials indoors and there’s a risk – however small – you need a carbon monoxide detector as a security measure.

If you have any questions about our commercial and industrial grade carbon monoxide detectors please feel free to contact us.

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