Moisture Analyzers with Data Logging

GAO Tek moisture analyzers with data logging are advanced instruments that offer precision moisture content determination coupled with the following benefits of integrated data logging: historical analysis, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, process optimization, troubleshooting, real-time monitoring, efficient record-keeping, and remote accessibility.
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GAOTek Electronic Moisture Analyzer Equipment

This Electronic Moisture Analyzer Equipment has display size of 7 in touch panel, interface of RS 232 or optional USB and stable time of ≤3 s.

GAOTek Handheld Display Moisture With Data Logger

GAOTek handheld display moisture analyzer with data logger is adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international testing technology to design a brand new intelligent handheld tester.

GAOTek Portable Moisture Analyzer With Data Storage

GAOTek portable moisture analyzer with data storage logger is designed with LCD display is specially developed to measure the moisture content and temperature of the soil.

GAOTek Cotton Moisture Meter with Fast Speed (Instant Reading)

This Cotton Moisture Meter with fast speed (Instant Reading) comes with an automatic temperature compensation feature is used to effectively measure the moisture content of cotton comes with a wide measuring range of 7 %-14 %

GAOTek Inductive Moisture Meter for Paper & Carton (Wide Range)

This Inductive Moisture Meter for Paper & Carton (Wide Range) is used for measuring moisture content of wood, Timber, paper, Bamboo, Carton, concrete, metope, and other materials.

GAOTek Moisture Meter for Wood & Concrete (Data Hold)

This Moisture Meter for Wood & Concrete (Data Hold) is suitable in measuring moisture content of wood, timber, paper, bamboo, carton, concrete, metope and other materials.

Moisture Meter for Cotton (Fast Speed/Data Hold)

GAOTek Moisture Meter for Paper measures water contents in materials such as paper, cardboard, paper, carton and pulp with high precision.

GAOTek Moisture Analyzer For Wood Timber (Fast/High Precison)

This portable, compact ‘Moisture Analyzer for Wood Timber (Fast/High Precision)’ can test for more than 100 wood species and comes with an automatic temperature compensation feature