Alpha – Beta – Gamma Radiation Meters

GAO Tek alpha-beta-gamma radiation meters are specialized instruments for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation emitted by alpha, beta, and gamma particles. Our instruments are essential for monitoring and assessing radiation levels in various environments, including nuclear power plants, laboratories, industrial facilities, and areas with potential radiation hazards. The benefits of using our alpha-beta-gamma radiation meters are comprehensive radiation detection, radiation hazard identification, occupational safety in nuclear facilities, environmental monitoring, emergency response and nuclear accidents, radiation shielding assessment, nuclear medicine applications, research and development, and portability and field use.
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GAOTek Personal alpha X Y rays Radiation Detector

SKU: GAOTek-RMD -108
GAOTek personal alpha X Y rays Radiation Detector type is a small, high sensitivity of personal dose alarming device, which is mainly used to monitor X rays and Y rays.