DWDM / PLC / Coupler Splitters

The other common names of DWDM / PLC / Coupler Splitters are optical wavelength multiplexings, wavelength division multiplexers, wavelength multiplexings, dense wavelength multiplexings, dense wave division multiplexings, waveguide integrated circuits, optical waveguide circuits, planar waveguide circuits, planar optical circuits, waveguide microcircuits, optical couplers, splitting couplers, fiber coupler splitters, optical splitter couplers, and fiber optic splitters. 

GAO Tek has been focused on servicing the North American markets and has earned praise from many of its customers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. GAO Tek ships overnight within North America from its NYC or Toronto office.

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This Fiber Optic FBT Splitter or Coupler (SM, 1310 ~ 1550 nm) is designed to combine or distribute optical signals from single/multiple inputs to single/multiple outputs bi-directionally in optical fiber systems.
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This Fiber Optic Splitter 19" Rackmount Indoor is a passive component used in PON FTTX System networks to split the fiber optic light into several parts at a certain ratio.
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This Fiber Optic Splitter Low Insertion Loss Type (Connector, 1260 ~ 1650 nm) is a passive device that transforms one outputted signal to several optical signals with SC/APC connector.
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This Fiber Optic Splitter Slot Box /ABS Box/LGX Box /1U Rackmount Type (Connector, 1260 ~ 1650 nm) is a passive device that transforms one outgoing optical signal to several optical signals.