Surface Roughness Testers With Data Logging

GAO Tek’s surface roughness testers with data logging are specialized instruments equipped with the capability to record and store surface roughness measurements over time. The key benefits associated with these devices are continuous monitoring, process optimization, quality control, historical analysis, statistical analysis, traceability, documentation and reporting, alarm and notification systems, remote monitoring, and efficient trend analysis.
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GAOTek Portable Digital Roughness Meter

This Portable Digital Roughness Meter has OLED display, 100 groups of data storage, working time of 20 hours, USB interface and full metal body.

GAOTek Surface Roughness Tester with data memory (National Std)

This Surface Roughness Tester with data memory (National Std) is designed for surface roughness shape measurement with various parameters and stores 100 groups of large capacity data memory.

Shore Hardness tester with Crystal Time (High Resolution)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features With INTEGRATED (built-in) PROBE and designed to determine the penetration hardness of rubber, elastomers

GAOTek Surface Roughness Gauge With Data Record (Auto Shutdown)

This Surface Roughness Gauge With Data Record (Auto Shutdown) is designed by real-time clock setting for data record and storage and can be used to measure surface roughness of various machinery-processed parts in the production site.