Waterproof Gas Analyzers

GAO Tek waterproof gas analyzers are specialized analytical instruments designed to resist water ingress and function effectively in wet or damp environments. Our analyzers are equipped with protective features that make them suitable for applications where exposure to water, humidity, or wet conditions is common. The emphasis on waterproofing brings several benefits to our gas analyzers such as extended equipment lifespan, reliable performance in wet environments, prevention of corrosion, installation versatility, compliance with industry standards, reduced downtime, protection against accidental spills and enhanced safety.
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GAOTek Oxygen Single Gas Detector

GAOTek oxygen single gas detector is a compact, ultra-low power consumption, mobile gas detector for rapid detection of gas concentration.

GAOTek Portable Laser Methane Gas Analyzer

GAOTek Portable Laser Methane Gas Analyzer is a multi-in-one gas detector.

GAOTek Portable Semiconductor Methane Gas Detector

GAOTek Portable Semiconductor Methane Gas Detector uses imported gas sensors, large-scale integrated circuit technology and detects leaked gas.

GAOTek Portable Single-Gas Carbon Monoxide Monitor

GAOTek Portable Single-Gas Carbon Monoxide Monitor is a cutting-edge device with imported electrochemical sensors, ensuring accuracy in detecting oxygen, carbon monoxide, combustibles, hydrogen sulphide, or Sulphur dioxide.

GAOTek Waterproof Hydrogen Chloride Gas Detector

GAOtek portable Waterproof Hydrogen Chloride Gas detector in various environments.

Combustible Gas Detector with Toxic (Waterproof)

Key Features Specifications Technical Specifications Detectionᅠmethod: Naturalᅠdiffusion DetectionᅠRange: Dependingᅠonᅠtheᅠtypeᅠofᅠgasᅠaᅠrangeᅠofᅠdifferent Resolution: 1%ᅠLEL,ᅠ1ppm,ᅠ0.1ppm/vol%ᅠ(Accordingᅠtoᅠrange) Forᅠgas: Combustibleᅠgas,ᅠtoxicᅠgasᅠ. Alarmᅠpoint: Differentᅠtypesᅠofᅠgasᅠalarmᅠisᅠdifferentᅠ(flammableᅠexample)ᅠunderreportingᅠ20%ᅠLEL,ᅠhighᅠreportedᅠ50%ᅠLEL Displayᅠerror: ?ᅠᄆᅠ5%ᅠF.S Responseᅠtime: Tᅠ<30s Indicateᅠway:

Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 Gas Detector(Water Proof, Accurate)

Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Smart probe design, calibration Maintenance more convenient in the future Fault, warning, operator error,