Telecom Line Testers

GAO’s telecom line testers, also known as telecommunications line testers, are devices used to test and diagnose various types of communication lines in the telecommunications industry. These testers are designed to verify the integrity, quality, and performance of different types of telecom lines, including telephone lines, data lines, network cables, and other communication infrastructure. Our telecom line testers are used by engineers and ADSL technicians as the solution for line installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of telecom networks.

GAO’s line testers are composed of probes, sensors, indicator lights, voltage detectors, and continuity testers. 

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GAOTek Cable Fault Detector

GAOTek cable fault detector has multiple functions, safe, quick, and accurate test. It applies the method of Low Voltage Pulse and HV Flashover.

GAOTek Cable Fault Distance Tester

This Cable Fault Distance Tester has 100 Vp-p Pulse amplitude, relative error ±1% Inaccuracy, and 0 mA to 300 mA short circuit current.

GAOTek Cable Tracker

GAOTek Cable Tracker is a versatile and reliable tool for tracing and identifying various types of cables.

GAOTek Circuit Breaker

This Circuit Breaker has DC 5 V to 270 V digital adjustable 20 A output power, range 20.00 m/s, Humidity of ≦80% RH and -50 °F to 104 °F temperature.

GAOTek Dual Mode Cable Network Line Tester

GAO Tek Cable Network Line Tester is a versatile and portable testing device designed for cable network line troubleshooting.

GAOTek Duplex Communication

This Duplex Communication has an 50 dB at 1550 nm dynamic range, it has 14 °F to 122 °F working temperature, and it has weight of 1.2 lb.

GAOTek Ethernet Tester

GAOTek ethernet tester is an upgraded product of  TQ – MINI – 10. In addition to the physical port of 10 M or 100 M or 1000 M or 10 G, and to meet the daily work of maintenance personnel, new built-in WIFI modules settings can make the product run online, thereby further strengthening product functions and optimizing product use.

GAOTek Fiber Fusion Splicer

GAOTek fiber fusion splicer adopts the latest core alignment technology with auto focus and six motors, it is a new generation of fiber fusion splicer

GAOTek Fiber Optic Insertion Loss Tester

GAOTek Fiber Optic Insertion Loss Tester is a reliable and robust testing device specifically designed for measuring insertion loss in fiber optic cables.

GAOTek Fiber Optic Reflectometer

GAOTek fiber optic reflectometer has a 5.6 in (14.2 cm) capacitive full touch screen and integrates automatic OTDR, expert OTDR, event map, OPM, VFL, LS and other functions.

GAOTek Fiber OTDR Tester

This Fiber OTDR Tester has 0.001dB loss resolution, it has VFL of 1 mW, it has data storage >10000 traces, and it has 10 hrs working time.

GAOTek Gigabit Network Analyzer

This Gigabit Network Analyzer has 8 GB storage capacity, it has 100 V to 240 V AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz power supply, and it has 2s max current.

GAOTek Handheld Gigabit Ethernet

GAOTek handheld gigabit ethernet is designed and manufactured by OPWILL, which is specialized in one Gigabit Ethernet network deployment and comprehensive test, and is compatible with indoor laboratory and outdoor field environments.

GAOTek Insertion Loss Tester

This Insertion Loss Tester has  ± 0.1 dB lineearity, it has 30 nm and it has -70 dbm to + 6 dbm display range.

GAOTek Integrated Tester

GAOTek Integrated tester is tester combines the basic functions of MPO testing, including light source, optical power meter, end-face inspection and other functional modules, supporting 12 cores, 24 core MPO polarity and loss testing, and can ensure the cleanliness of the test connector.

GAOTek LAN Cable Tester

GAOTek Cable Lan Tester is a versatile and reliable tool designed for repairing and troubleshooting networking and electrical systems.

GAOTek Lan Certifier

GAOTek lan certifier is designed for ethernet systems. It measures the speed and performance of CAT3, CAT5, and CAT6 cables according to ANSI or TIA or EIA-568-B and ISO or IEC 11801 to ensure the cable qualification.

GAOTek LCD Display Network Cable Tester

GAOTek Network Cable Tester is an advanced network cable tester designed for measuring and tracing LAN cables.

GAOTek Metal Pipe Wire Detector

GAOTek Metal Pipe Wire Detector Tester is a versatile and reliable tool for locating and detecting various types of cables, metal pipes, and wires.

GAOTek Meter Optical Fiber Test

This Meter Optical Fiber Test has wireless LAN, wired LAN, WI-FI, GSM, 3G network,  and it has 5.6 in TFT-LCD display.

GAOTek Mini OTDR Tester

This Mini OTDR Tester has an internal storage of 8 GB, it has 1550 nm wavelength, it has 128 k sample points, and it has 26 dB or 24 dB dynamic range.

GAOTek Mini Pro Fiber Optic

This Mini Pro Fiber Optic has an wired LAN,  GPRS, WI-FI, 4G, GSM, it has 26 dB to 35 dB multiple dynamic range, and it has 1.70 IOR.

GAOTek Multi-Function Network Cable Length Tester

GAOTek Network Cable Length Tester is a comprehensive tool designed for testing and diagnosing network cables.

GAOTek Multi-Function Network Cable Tester (Dual Mode Power Supply)

GAOTek Multi-Function Network Cable Tester is a versatile tool that combines the functionalities of an optical power meter and a visual fault locator.

GAO Tek’s line testers have the following functions: 

  • Voltage Testing: Our telecom line testers measure and verify the voltage levels on telephone lines to ensure they are within the acceptable range for proper operation. 
  • Line Impedance Testing: Line impedance testing helps determine the resistance and impedance characteristics of telephone lines, ensuring they are within the specified limits for optimal voice communication. 
  • Line Noise Testing: GAO’s telecom line testers assess the level of noise present on telephone lines, helping identify and troubleshoot potential issues that may affect call quality. 
  • Signal Quality Testing: Our testers evaluate the quality of signals transmitted over telephone lines, checking for factors like distortion, echo, and signal loss. This helps in diagnosing and resolving call quality issues. 
  • Line Fault Detection: GAO Tek’s telecom line testers can identify faults and issues on telephone lines, such as open circuits, short circuits, line breaks, or other abnormalities that may disrupt communication. 
  • Loopback Testing: Loopback testing enables the tester to simulate a complete telephone call on the line by sending and receiving signals. This feature helps verify end-to-end connectivity and identify potential problems in the communication path. 

GAO Tek’s telecom line testers are rugged, versatile, and precision measurement instruments. They comply with applicable industry standards such as IEC 61010-1, ANSI/UL 61010-1, EN 61010-1, IEC 61557, and ANSI/ISA-82.02.01. 

Our telecom line testers help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as: 

  • National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements 
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations 
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines 
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards 

Our telecom line testers help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) requirements 
  • Industry Canada regulations 
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards 
  • Measurement Canada guidelines 

Our telecom line testers have the following applications: 

  • Line Installation and Verification: Our telecom line testers are used during the installation process of telephone lines to ensure proper connectivity and functionality. They help verify the integrity of the newly installed lines, checking for issues like open circuits, short circuits, or line faults. 
  • Line Maintenance and Troubleshooting: GAO’s telecom line testers are used for maintaining and troubleshooting telephone lines. They assist technicians in identifying and locating faults, line breaks, impedance issues, noise interference, or other problems affecting the quality of voice communication. 
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Our telecom line testers are used for quality assurance purposes to ensure that telephone lines meet the required standards and specifications. They help verify signal quality, line impedance, noise levels, and other parameters to ensure optimal voice call performance. 
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Verification: Our telecom line testers are utilized to verify compliance with SLAs between service providers and customers. They help assess the quality and performance of telephone lines, ensuring that agreed-upon standards are met. 
  • Network Upgrades and Expansion: GAO’s telecom line testers are used during network upgrades or expansions. They aid in testing newly installed or upgraded lines, verifying connectivity, and detecting any issues that may arise during the expansion process. 
  • Call Center Testing: Our telecom line testers are utilized in call center environments to assess call quality and troubleshoot any issues affecting customer communication. They help identify line faults, echo problems, noise interference, or other issues that may impact the customer experience. 

Our telecom line testers can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada, and can be shipped globally.