GAOTek provides a large collection of certified and feature-rich line testers for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. These devices are mainly used for line installation, line performance testing, inspection, and maintenance of the telecommunication networks. They are particularly designed to accelerate telecom trouble shooting and with the help of latest technology they are equipped with a smart CPU, IC, and SMT. These devices have some unique features such as caller ID display and last number redial. Moreover, it can also be used for multi-line testing, wire pair checking, inspection of line insulation and test for breaks and faults.

Functions of Line Testers

GAOTek's line testers can perform both multiline and twisted pair testing. Moreover, these devices have specific functions that can detect high voltage and can also test whether there is high voltage on the line. These devices are designed to protect line installation or maintenance technicians from exposure to high voltage. The main key application of this devices is testing for insulation and tracing errors in the line. Technicians and engineers mainly use them to accurately install and maintain the telephone networks, as well as to identify the faults as poor insulation and breakage in the lines.


GAOTek's line testers are small, portable, and lightweight devices that have built-in systems with the latest technology such as mounted technology (SMT). These devices are used for testing the performance of telephone set, circuit functioning test, and security test which makes them ideal for identifying the defects in line.

Applications and Industries

The line testers are mainly used by engineers and ADSL technicians as the solution for line installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of telecom networks.

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ID: A0070012tek

This compact Telecom Line Tester comes with basic line tester functions, auto ringing and checking line pair also comes with high voltage protection and high voltage alarm indicator
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ID: A0080003tek

This compact Telephone Line Tester adopts CPU, IC and SMT technology and is used for line maintenance and construction with insulation test distance upto 1.24 mi (2 km)
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ID: A0060004tek

This Multi-function Network Cable Tester is designed to determine cable length and test for open circuits, short circuits, and more. It can be used in telephone systems, computer networks, and other metal lead circuits