Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Function Generators

GAO Tek direct digital synthesis (DDS) function generators are advanced electronic instruments used for generating precise and customizable waveforms in various applications, such as electronics testing, research, and signal processing. Key features and benefits of direct digital synthesis (DDS) function generators include: high precision and accuracy, versatility in waveform generation, frequency agility, low phase noise, fine amplitude control, modulation capabilities, digital signal processing (DSP) integration, stability and reliability, compact and portable design and user-friendly interface.
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GAO Tek DDS Function Generator with Arbitrary Waveform Function

SKU: A0230008tek
This logic analyzer with arbitrary waveform function provides a sampling rate of 100 Msa/s, a vertical resolution of 8 bit and a waveform length of 1 kpts based on Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology

GAOTek DDS Function Generator

SKU: A0230004tek
This DDS(Direct Digital Synthesized) function generator has a highly accurate and highly stable output. It’s designed based on DDS(Direct Digital Synthesized) technology. Its frequency range is 40

GAOTek DDS Function Generator (40 µHz to 60 MHz)

SKU: A0230007tek
This highly accurate DDS function generator based has highly stable output and has a frequency range of 40 µHz to 60 MHz and output waveforms include Sine, Square, Pulse and DC

GAOTek Function Generator (10 MHz~60 MHz)

This Function Generator (10 MHz ~ 60 MHz) combines Arbitrary Waveform Generation and Function Generation and comes with advanced Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology to provide stable, precise, pure and low distortion signal.

GAO Tek DDS Function Generator (40 µHz to 5 MHz)

SKU: A0230006tek
This DDS function generator is used in development, testing and repair of electronic equipment.