Connector-end face contamination is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to fiber optic cables and patch cords. Allowing contamination to take place or fester will lead to network issues and down-time which you don’t need. For any fiber optic cable network, a high quality fiber microscope is a necessary tool to identify where contamination may be presenting.

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If you are interested in any of our fiber microscopes please feel free to contact us or ask an expert how we can provide this to you in the USA and Canada or globally.

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GAOTek’s Optical Fiber Microscope is used for the inspection of the end-face of the fiber optic connectors and provides the network personnel with high-performance fiber inspection solutions, featuring magnification of 125μm fibers to 400 times.
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This Fiber Optic Video Inspection Probe with Low Weight (Magnifier) is a high-performance portable video microscope which comes with high magnification power that helps to inspect all kinds of fiber optic errors and terminations.