Automotive Emission Logic Analyzers

GAO Tek’s Automotive Emission Analyzers are devices designed to measure and analyze the concentration of various pollutants emitted by vehicles. These analyzers help assess the performance of a vehicle’s emission control systems and identify any issues that may lead to excessive emissions. It is crucial for ensuring that vehicles comply with environmental regulations. Some key features and benefits of our automotive emission analyzers include environmental compliance, emission reduction, diagnostic capabilities, vehicle performance optimization, regulatory compliance, and public health improvement.
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GAOTek Automotive Emission Analyzer

This automotive emission analyser has AC 220 V power supply, 10 min warm up time, 10 s response time, and 0 ppm to 9,999 ppm measuring range.

GAOTek Automotive Oscilloscope Logic Analyzer

This automotive oscilloscope logic analyser has real time of 1 GS/s, bandwidth of 200 MHz, record length of 2 M, and frequency of ≤ 10 Hz BNC.

GAOTek Emissions Testing Analyzer

GAOTek Emissions Testing Analyzer is used to test the visible contaminants in emissions (exhaust smoke) from the compression combustion (diesel) engine.

GAOTek Logic Analyzer, Digital Circuits Development-Test-Analysis and Debug

Features Buttons on the Logic Analyzer Hardware for Sampling Function The Logic Analyzer hardware features buttons that control the sampling