High Precision Water Quality Testers

GAO Tek’s high-precision water quality testers are advanced devices designed to accurately measure and analyze various parameters in water, ensuring a thorough assessment of water quality. our testers utilize cutting-edge sensor technology and calibration methods to provide precise and reliable results. key features and benefits of high-precision water quality testers include accuracy, reliability, versatility, calibration, user-friendly interface, data logging and connectivity, and environmental monitoring.
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GAOTek Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter (pX and pH, Conductivity)

This Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter (pX and pH, Conductivity) is designed with 200 sets of data storage and the pX/pH measure the potential (mV), pH, pX and ion concentration.

GAOTek Water Quality Meter

This multi-parameter follows GLP practice and can store 2200 sets of measuring data. It has three measurement modes continuous, timing, and balance mode.