Micro Ohmmeters

GAO Tek micro ohmmeters are compact instruments designed for precise measurement of low resistances. These devices offer benefits such as portability, high sensitivity, and quick readings. Ideal for applications where small resistance values are critical, such as electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries. Our micro ohmmeters compact size allows for easy integration into tight spaces and on-the-go measurements. Professionals benefit from increased efficiency, accurate data in the micro-ohm range, and versatile use in various industries, making micro ohmmeters essential for tasks requiring meticulous resistance measurements in confined or challenging environments.
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GAOTek Micro Ohmmeter Contact Resistance

This Contact Resistance Ohmmeter offers high resolution, high-precision current, integrated design, 500 data memory, thermal printer, U disk storage.

GAOTek Micro Ohmmeter Intelligent

This Ohmmeter has Linear and rotary sensors, easy installation with large LCD screen. Multiple on-site point storage and built-in fast printer.

GAOTek Micro Ohmmeter With 250 A Loop Resistance

This Micro Ohmmeter offers portable high current output, simple UI, Bluetooth interfaces with wide temperature range and user-replaceable battery.

Micro Ohmmeter With Temperature Compensation (SCPI)

This Micro Ohm Meter with built-in temperature compensation is used to test super low or low resistance and has accuracy of 0.1 % with measurement range 0.1 uΩ to 1.2 GΩ

Micro ohmmeter with data hold (Remote trigger)

This Micro Ohmmeter with data hold and remote trigger is designed to measure high, medium and low value resistances for a wide measuring range from  0.001 mΩ ~ 20.100 MΩ