Fiber Terminal Boxes

GAO Tek’s fiber terminal boxes are devices used in fiber optic networks to terminate and manage fiber optic cables. Our boxes serve as a connection point for incoming and outgoing cables, providing cable termination, organization, and protection. GAO’s box includes features such as cable management, splicing trays, and connector adapters. Our boxes ensure reliable and efficient fiber optic connectivity by offering a centralized and organized termination point while safeguarding the fiber connections from damage and contaminants.

GAO’s fiber terminal boxes are composed of an enclosure, adapter panels, splice trays and holders, cable management, dust covers, connectors, and identification.

The other common names of fiber terminal boxes are optical terminal boxes, fiber distribution terminals (FDT), fiber access boxes, optical access terminals, fiber distribution points (FDP), fiber termination boxes, optical distribution boxes (ODB), fiber demarcation boxes, fiber interface boxes, optical termination boxes(OTB), fiber drop boxes, fiber service termination boxes, optical distribution points (ODP), fiber wall boxes, and fiber access terminals (FAT).

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This 19" Rackmount Terminal Box Sliding Type is designed for a straight through connection and diverged connection in aerial layout with a box body made cold-rolled steel material.
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This Mini Terminal Box FTTH is a fiber optic accessory having a 2 port fiber optic ODF terminal box.