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Optical Fiber Rangers

GAOTek Optical Fiber Rangers are specifically designed for fiber system installation, engineering, and maintenance. Some of these devices can even be utilized as an optical fiber trouble-shooter to automatically or manually identify fiber cracks and damages. While they are broadly used for field works, they are also efficient in quickly detecting fiber fault locations. Additionally they identify areas of break points as well as the fragile point in the optical fiber, hence displaying the result on a high-quality screen. These tools are essential for installing, operating, and maintaining the optical fibers. They are highly chosen by technical experts because of their handiness, usefulness, affordable price, and high performance.

Functions of Optical Fiber Rangers

Fiber Optic Rangers will usually inject the laser pulse into the optical fiber so as to verify and accumulate the reflected light waves throughout the work process. The main function of the Optical Fiber Rangers is to locate areas and types of both bases on a set of pre-determined threshold values and go through the whole length of the fiber under test. They do not exhibit fiber trace or provide any data relating to the fiber and event losses. Known to be highly-performing testing meters, these devices are principally used for the day-to-day maintenance, fault location, and detection of the optical network system.


GAOTek Optical Fiber Rangers are transportable and reliable test devices designed for the industry. They comply with the OTDR technical guidelines and include a strong analysis software, which in turn allows the fiber rangers to precisely and easily detect any fiber fault. A large LCD display and a durable battery which can last for several hours are included in these equipment, which make them ideal tools for field works. GAOTek’s affordable and user-friendly fiber rangers are perfect devices for the fiber cable construction and maintenance.

Applications and Industries

Optical Fiber Rangers are extensively utilized to evaluate the distance of the fibers and identify the fault locations on the fiber links. They can also be used to spot reflective and non-reflective cracks on the fiber systems during an inspection. Fiber rangers are particularly designed for the FTTx network installation and maintenance which are appropriate for WAN, LAN, metro LAN, CATV, among others.

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