Fiber rangers are a form of test equipment functioning similarly to an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR).


The difference is that a fiber optic ranger is smaller in size and lightweight compared to an OTDR, and is generally considered a more cost-effective tool in analyzing and testing single mode fiber test applications. Technicians from across the United States, Canada, and globally use GAOTek fiber rangers every day to complete optical fiber link troubleshooting, maintenance, and testing.


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How a fiber ranger works is by injecting a laser pulse into the optical fiber, using it to check and collect the reflected light waves which bounce back. The fiber ranger can identify types and locations of the fiber and event losses using pre-determined threshold values, although it cannot share the trace of the fiber or any information about a possible loss. A fiber ranger does this across the entirety of the fiber cable. GAOTek fiber cables are portable and ruggedly build, delivering the most accurate testing results.

When it comes to finding fiber fault locations accurately and quickly, our fiber rangers are among the best in the market. Adopting OTDR technical principle and integrating powerful analysis software, a GAOTek fiber ranger will quickly detect location and type of fiber optic cable failure points in a cost-effective manner. In fiber system installation, engineering, and maintenance, you’ll be glad to have your fiber range. Some also are multi-functional and include a built-in visual fault locator (VFL).

Why technicians come to GAOTek for fiber optic testing products are because of how we are constantly striving to deliver superior quality products no matter where you are in the world. Dust, water, and shock proof, our fiber rangers are designed for field use and hold a long battery life. Quality fiber rangers from GAOTek have been acclaimed for their portability, usefulness, affordability, and performance. Get yours today.


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This Optical Fiber Ranger with VFL (Up to 8 Faults) is used in the test and maintenance of fiber network and comes with a built-in visual fault locator function which can detect up to 8 faults.


This Optical Fiber Ranger with VFL for FFTx (Up to 8 Faults) is used to detect fiber fault locations in FTTx network installation and maintenance and has built-in visual fault locator function which can detect up to 8 faults.


GAOTek Fiber Loss Tester with Power Meter tests the return loss in the field fiber optic linking, provides a variety of functional testing patterns


This Optical Fiber Ranger with Pulse Width Control (Lightweight) is used to detect fiber fault locations with higher accuracy and comes with an automatic pulse width control function.


This Fiber loss tester is a smart handheld tester which combines light source, power meter and VFL into one unit.