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PSTN Network Analyzers

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With 20 years of experience in the development and production of test instruments, GAOTek is proud to provide a large selection of PSTN analyzers that meet the requirements of technicians working in the telecom industry for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) was designed to ease the two-way communication between two points or two users. In the beginning, a direct connection between two points was very simple, however the cost was too high depending on the distance and geography. The network engineers revolutionized voice communications by creating PSTN which is still in use today.

GAOTek’s PSTN analyzers are lightweight, field-portable, and rugged test instruments that can be used in the installation, measurement, and maintenance of telecom networks.

The main focus is circuit-based, or connection-oriented and the systems designed for one universal service- Voice. This system allows the network operator to route and bill for the calls as each step of the call is identified and managed by the network and switching systems.

Functions of PSTN Analyzers

GAOTek's PSTN analyzers provide a complete solution for troubleshooting issues with the help of many interfaces due to its defined analysis and diagnostic capabilities. These devices are used for testing of G. SHDSL, HDSL, and IP across the internet. Moreover, they can also be used to verify the quality of PCM 2Mbit and V/X streams with the ability to display the frame, and multi-frame alignment words, channels status, errors, and alarms. PSTN analyzers has various functionalities as some devices are used for installation, and maintenance of frame relay network and other devices allows user to perform an X.25/X.31 connection over D channel, and verify the quality of the line. Also it can test the verification of audio channels quality, and verifying the correct operation of the several supplementary services supplied by the provider, such as AOC, CF, CLI, 3PTY etc.


GAOTek's PSTN analyzers feature numerous connectors like RS232, DB-15, and RJ 45 for transferring and uploading of data. These devices have built In LCD display screen that will indicate important information about data, battery power levels, and modes. Moreover, some devices also provide the options for automatic access test or a manual test. The advance analysis of the device with the help of PC software can be utilized for solving the complex problems that involve connection issues or user's Internet configuration settings. Many PSTN analyzers consist of protocol analyzers that will allow capturing the main communication protocols over single and multiple channels. In addition, onboard decoding feature allows the user to trace the analysis on the spot.

Applications and Industries

PSTN analyzers are widely used in an application that deals with installation and servicing of digital telecom circuits, monitoring of long-term network, maintenance, and troubleshooting.



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