Explosion-Proof Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detectors

GAO Tek explosion-proof nitrogen dioxide (NO2) gas detectors are engineered to operate safely in hazardous environments, offering specific features to mitigate the risk of explosions. Key features and benefits of explosion-proof nitrogen dioxide gas detectors include: intrinsically safe design, compliance with hazardous area standards, and prevention of ignition sources, durable construction and safety in industrial processes.
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Gaotek NO2 Gas Analyzer

SKU: Gaotek-NGD-112
GAOTEK NO2 Gas Analyzer is used for the occasions where rapid detection of nitrogen dioxide gas concentrations, temperature and humidity measurements, and over-standard alarm are required. The detector adopts a 2.31 in (58.67) high-definition color screen for real-time display.

GAOTek Portable High Accuracy NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Detector

GAOTek home security natural gas leak detector is a device designed to detect the presence of natural gas in residential environments.

GAOTek Portable Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Gas Detector with Pump

GAOTek  portable nitrogen dioxide gas detector is used for portable and fast detection of the concentration of nitrogen dioxide gas, temperature and humidity measurement (optional), and alarms for exceeding standards.

GAOTek Toxic Gas Detector

GAOTek Toxic Gas Detector adopts a PID photoionization principal design, combined with an Android touchscreen operation.