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GAOTek provides state of the art, professional grade Ohmmeters for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. GAOTek Ohmmeters are portable instruments that accurately measure electrical resistance between two points on a circuit. The Ohmmeters have their own power supply through their own battery, and are needed when the two probes (red: positive side of circuit, black: negative side of circuit) are connected to the two points in the circuit where the desired measurement is to take place. The circuit is turned off, which is when the ohmmeter sends its own current through the circuit. Units of Ohms, symbolized by the Greek letter Ω (Omega), are used as a unit of measure when measuring electrical resistance. In accordance with Ohm’s law, when the current is passing through a circuit is at its maximum, the resistance is said to be the smallest.


GAOTek provides the latest digital ohmmeters to measure resistances of small and larger potential quantities. Resistance is measured as electrical friction, when electrons pass through a conductor.

  • The Megohmmeters measure potentially larger values of electrical resistance. The Micro Ohmmeters measure potentially smaller values of electrical resistance.
  • The analog digital ohmmeters display the measurement of electrical resistance by moving a needle on a scale analogous.
  • The digital ohmmeters digitally display numeric digits, representing the value of resistance measured by the ohmmeter.
  • Having four-terminal resistors instead of two-terminal resistors allows for more accurate measurements of smaller potential resistances. Kelvin Sensing, named after Lord Kelvin, utilizes this four-terminal measurement technique where the first two terminals carry the current from the power source in the Ohmmeter. The other two terminals record voltage from across the resistor.
  • Parameters: AC resistance, DC voltage
  • Accuracy: R: 0.5%±5dgt V: 0.05 or 0.2%±5dgt
  • Speed: at 20 times/second, 10 times/second, 2 times/second, 1 time/second
  • Power: Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.35A Output: 9V 1A DC
  • Range: Automatic, Manual, Nominal. 4 ranges




Digital LCD Display: The digital display is exclusive to digital Ohmmeter, and shows a reading of GAOTek Ohmmeters’ measurement of electrical resistance.

Analogous Display: The analogous display features a set scale of measurements with a needle that moves in accordance with GAOTek Ohmmeters' measurement of electrical resistance.

Four-Terminal Resistors: Having four-terminal resistors instead of two terminal resistors allows for more accurate measurements of smaller potential resistances. GAOTek Ohmmeters come standard with four terminal resistance measurements (two red, two black), where the probes would be inserted GAOTek Ohmmeters, and are to be connected to two separate ends of a given circuit. The black probe connects with the negative side of the circuit while the red probe connects with the positive side of the circuit. The probes are to be connected to the two points of the circuit that requires measurement.

Keypad: The GAOTek Ohmmeters feature a keypad that allows the user to set a desired voltage from the power supply to the circuit via the probes.

USB/Mini USB Ports: USB and Mini USB ports are featured on GAOTek Ohmmeters, and are used for data transfer of measurement readings to other devices.

Rechargeable Battery: GAOTek Ohmmeters provide a 2200 mAh standard rechargeable battery for continued usage.

AutoPower: GAOTek Ohmmeters feature an auto power function that turns the measurement instrument off after 15 consecutive minutes of non-usage for battery conservation.

Time Setting: GAOTek Ohmmeters feature a time setting, where the Ohmmeter can be set to test 15 minutes after using the function.


GAOTek Ohmmeters are broadly used, including, but not limited to the following applications:

  • Check if sufficient electric current is flowing through the circuit.
  • Testing equipment, and for many teaching purposes.

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