Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO)

GAO Tek digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO) is a type of electronic test instrument used to visualize and analyze electrical signals. Unlike traditional analog oscilloscopes, which directly display waveforms on a cathode-ray tube, digital storage oscilloscopes convert analog signals into digital form for processing and storage. The “stored” aspect refers to the ability of these oscilloscopes to capture and store waveforms for later analysis. Key features and benefits of digital stored oscilloscopes include: Signal Storage, Waveform Playback, Advanced Triggering, Measurement Accuracy, Mathematical and Statistical Analysis, Storage and Documentation, Multiple Channel Display, Remote Access and Control, and User-Friendly Interfaces.
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GAOTek 4 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

This 4 channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope has 200 Msa/s sample rate, 80 MHz to 200 MHz bandwidth, 10 ns to 10 s, time range, and 4 channels.

GAOTek Digital Storage Oscilloscope

This Digital Storage Oscilloscope has 250 MHz bandwidth, 1 GS/s sample rate range, < 30 W power consumption, and 20 ns to 10 s holdoff range.

Digital Oscilloscope with High Sample Rate (Data Storage)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Completely isolated oscilloscope input channels, isolated between oscilloscope and multimeter channels Oscilloscope isolation level: CAT