Multi-Angle Gloss Meters

GAO Tek’s Multi-angle gloss meters are specialized devices used to measure the gloss of a surface from multiple viewing angles. Unlike traditional gloss meters that measure gloss at a single angle, multi-angle gloss meters provide a more comprehensive assessment of surface appearance by considering how gloss changes when viewed from different perspectives. The key benefits of multi-angle gloss meters include comprehensive assessment, differentiating surface features, surface characterization, quality control for complex surfaces, alignment with industry standards, and improved correlation with human perception.
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GAOTek Digital 20 60 85 Degree Multi Angles Gloss Meter

SKU: GAOTek- GMS-105
GAOTek Gloss meters are mainly used in surface gloss measurement for paint, plastic, metal, ceramics, building materials, etc

GAOTek Gloss Meter High Accuracy Portable Digital Display

GAOTek Gloss Meter features is a precision instrument used to measure the glossiness of various surfaces.

GAOTek Gloss Meter Manufacturer

SKU: GAOTek-GM-105
Technical Specifications Display 4 Digits Backlit LCD Measuring Geometry 20 °/60 °/85 ° Range 0.1 to 200   GU Accuracy 1.0

GAOTek Gloss Meter with Angle Degree

SKU: GAOTek-GM-109
GAOTek Gloss Meter features is with 20, 60 and 85 ° angle, manufactured according to ISO2813 and GB/T 9754.

GAOTek Gloss Meter with Projecting Angle 20° 60° 85°

GAO Tek Gloss Meter with Projecting Angle 20° 60° 85° guarantees high performance and increased precision of reflective capability measurements of the material.

GAOTek Three Angles Gloss Meter

SKU: GAOTek- GMS-107
GAOTek Three Angles Gloss Meter (GM-3) Widely used in Floor maintenance, Surface cleaning quality control, Stone and tile gloss measurement, Checking printed matter, Quality control of paint and ink, Polished metal surface, measurement (chrome plating)

Gloss Meter with 60/85 Degree (999 Data Groups)

  Key Features Interface: Serial RS 232 Software: Data Operator included. Memory: 10000 measurements or 999 data groups Power Supply: