Radio frequency identification technology, commonly referred to as RFID, uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track objects. More recently, the technology moved into mainstream applications, improving the handling of manufactured goods and materials by attaching RFID tags to them. Though its prominence began in 1970, use of the RFID technology dwindled due to its cost and limited practical applications, except for recently.


The 1980s became the decade for full implementation of RFID technology, though interests developed somewhat differently in various parts of the world. Personnel access, transportation and animal tracking were some of its earliest uses. Today, we use it in public transportation, passports and advertising.

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ID: 617005tek

GAO RFID Car Wash Management System is a software package designed specifically for auto-wash stores use.
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ID: 617004tek

GAO RFID Asset Tracking System is an integrated real-time RFID tracking and monitoring system.
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ID: 617001tek

GAO RFID Access Control Software System is an integrated access control software package that is suitable for different types of RFID access control applications.
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ID: 617018tek

GAO RFID has developed an standalone parking control solution. This embedded parking control system is reliable, convenient and user friendly
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ID: 617007tek

GAO RFID's Automobile Dealership System Software is a desktop application designed specifically for automobile dealership management and security.
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ID: 617006tek

Active RFID Control Software is a desktop application designed specifically for GAO's 2.45GHz active readers and tags.