Bluetooth Color Analyzer

GAO Tek Bluetooth color analyzer is a device equipped with color measurement capabilities that utilize Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity. This type of instrument is often used in various applications where precise color analysis is required, such as in the fields of graphic design, printing, textiles, and product quality control. Here are key points emphasizing the benefits of our Bluetooth color analyzers: wireless connectivity, mobile operation, real-time data transfer, ease of integration, user-friendly interface, efficient collaboration, flexibility in display options, remote monitoring and control, enhanced mobility, and improved workflow efficiency.
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GAOTek Drinking Water Analysis Portable Colorimeter

Explore GAOTek Portable Water Colorimeter which measure water parameters effortlessly. Compact, accurate, ideal for field testing. Get quick results on-site. Rechargeable.

GAOTek Precision Colorimeter

Our GAOTek Precision Colorimeter is perfect for those who need accurate color measurement. Simultaneous measurement of specular reflection (real color) and specular excluded (surface color) is possible.

GAOTek Colorimeter with 3 Switchable Calibers (Photodiode Array)

This Colorimeter with 3 Switchable Calibers (Photodiode Array) 0.15 in (4 mm)/0.31 in (8 mm)/1.57 in (40 mm) is designed to meet different surface measurement demands.

Colorimeter with Built-In White Plate (Double Locating)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Double Locating: Illuminating and precise cross locating Built-in white plate parameters Switchable double measurement

Colorimeter with High Accuracy (Data Storage, SCE, SCI)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features The 2.4″Width Colorful screen and portable design make you feel Comfortableļ¼ˇ 3 kindS of

Color Meter with Three Calibers (High Accuracy)

GAOTek Color Meter with Three Calibers (High Accuracy) measures surface colours of products, provides three calibers (4/8/16mm) and high repeated accuracy.