Infrared Thermometers with Alarm

GAO Tek infrared thermometers with alarm are specialized temperature-measuring devices that incorporate an alarm system to notify users when a specific temperature threshold is reached or exceeded. This feature adds an extra layer of functionality and benefits to the standard infrared thermometer. Here are key points highlighting the advantages of our infrared thermometers with alarms: early warning system, safety enhancement, process control and quality assurance, compliance with standards and regulations, efficient monitoring, prevention of critical events and user-friendly operation.
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GAOTek Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Thermometer

SKU: GAOTek-ITI -101
Features Enables safe and hygienic temperature measurement without direct contact with the skin Infrared High Accuracy, Provides accurate temperature readings

GAOTek High Temp IR Digital Thermometer (Max/Min, AVG Record)


This High Temp IR Digital thermometer (Max/Min, AVG Record) is used for measuring high temperature of objects surface ranging from -58 °F to 2462 °F(-50 °C to 1350 °C).

GAOTek Non- Contact Infrared Thermometer (High Temp)

This Non-Contact High Temperature Infrared Thermometer precisely measures the temperature using its in-built laser point for electrical objects which are not easy to touch or measured using traditional contact thermometers.

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer with Non-Contact Design (Alarm Setup)

This Infrared Thermometer with Non-Contact Design(Alarm Setup) supports low and high temperature alarm setup function and can be used to measure the temperature of an object’s surface(hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach objects) quickly, safely, and directly without contact.

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer with Auto Power Off (Light Weight)

This Infrared Thermometer with Auto Power Off (Light Weight) is a non-contact temperature tester to measure the object’s surface for the temperature ranges from 392 °F~3002 °F (200 °C~1650 °C).

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer for Test Range (Data Storage)

This Infrared Thermometer for Test Range (Data Storage) is designed to measure the surface temperature of an object over the range of -58 °F~2102 °F (-50 °C~1150 °C) in hazardous or difficult to reach areas.

GAOTek High Temperature IR Digital Thermometer (Laser Target)

This High Temperature IR Digital Thermometer (Laser Target) is a non-contact temperature measurements with K-type thermocouple for the wide measuring range from -58 °F to +3992 °F (-50 °C to +2200 °C)