Rugged Crack Detectors

GAO Tek’s rugged crack detectors typically refer to inspection tools or devices designed to withstand harsh environments and conditions while effectively detecting cracks or flaws in materials. GAO Tek’s detectors are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and aerospace, where equipment may be exposed to challenging conditions. Key features and benefits of our rugged crack detectors may include durability, portability, water and dust resistance, reliability, long battery life, and versatility.
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GAOTek Detector Ultrasonic Flaw Crack

GAOTek Detector Ultrasonic Flaw Crack offers state-of-the-art technology in a package that is compact and lightweight 2.8 lb (1.28 kg).

GAOTek Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Crack Detector

This Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Crack Detector has a DC battery of 200 V, 5.7 in TFT color LCD display and working temperature of 14 °F to 122 °F.

GAOTek Portable Ultrasonic Crack Detector

This Portable Ultrasonic Crack Detector has testing range of 0 in to 590 in, working frequency of 0.5 MHz to 20 MHz, gain of 0 dB to 110 dB

GAOTek Ultrasonic Concrete Crack Detector

GAOTek ultrasonic concrete crack detector is used for testing concrete strength by ultrasonic rebound comprehensive method and detect concrete crack depth.

GAOTek Ultrasonic Crack & Flaw Detector

GAOTek ultrasonic crack & flaw detector offer state of the art technology that is compact and lightweight.

GAOTek Weld Inspection Flaw Detector Crack DetectorF

GAOTek weld inspection flaw detector crack detector to fast and convenient, no damage, accurately artifact within a variety of defects such as cracks, weld, porosity, sand holes, the detection, location and folding the inclusion, assessment and diagnosis, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, boiler, pressure vessel, steel structure, military industry, aerospace, rail transport, automobile, machinery, and other fields.

Crack Detector for Width (High Accuracy, Data Storage)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Three optional models: Real-time auto identification (First in the world), manual identification, and digital