Rugged Infrared Thermometers

GAO Tek rugged infrared thermometers are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and challenging operating environments. The emphasis on ruggedness provides several benefits for users in industrial, field, and outdoor settings: durability, resistance to environmental factors, extended temperature range, impact resistance, sealed and robust casing, reliability in field conditions, longevity in industrial environments, and versatility in applications.
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GAOTek Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Thermometer

SKU: GAOTek-ITI -101
Features Enables safe and hygienic temperature measurement without direct contact with the skin Infrared High Accuracy, Provides accurate temperature readings

GAOTek Industrial Mining Infrared Thermometer

GAOTek's infrared thermometer is a precise, non-contact tool for quickly measuring object surface temperature in environments with flammable gases.

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer with Wide Range (Storage, High Accuracy)

This Infrared Thermometer with Wide Range (Storage, High Accuracy) is used for measuring the temperature range of -58°F ~ 1652°F(-50°C ~ 900°C) for various hot, hazardous, or hard to reach object's surface, safely and quickly.

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer For Forging (Furnaces, Metallurgy)

This compact, rugged ‘Infrared Thermometer for Forging (Furnaces, Metallurgy)’ is designed to operate in potentially explosive areas of Zones 2 and Zone 1 in accordance with directive 1999/92/EC respectively