Dispersion Compensation Modules 

GAO’s dispersion compensation modules are devices used in optical communication systems to mitigate the effects of dispersion. Dispersion is the spreading of optical signals as they travel through a fiber optic cable, leading to signal distortion and loss of data. Dispersion compensation modules employ specialized techniques, such as dispersion compensation fibers or gratings, to effectively counteract dispersion and maintain signal integrity, allowing for longer transmission distances and higher data rates in optical networks. 

GAO’s dispersion compensation modules are composed of light source, power meter, optical attenuator, polarization controller, dispersion emulator, and optical spectrum analyzer. 

The other common names of dispersion compensation module are dispersion compensation module, DCM, dispersion compensator, signal equalization unit, chromatic dispersion module, optical signal stabilizer, light path equalizer, fiber dispersion correction device, optical transmission equalizer, and signal quality enhancer.

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ID: GaoTek-DCM-106

The GaoTek Fiber dispersion and self-phase modulation (CSO), in particular at 1550 nm wavelength systems, are problems for high-power analogue optical transmission systems during long-distance transmissions.
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ID: GAOTek-DCM-102

GAOTek High-power analog optical transmission systems, such as 1550 nm wavelength systems, are used in HFC cable networks.
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ID: GaoTek-DCM-104

GaoTek Dispersion Compensation Module (DCM) is an essential tool for those engaged in long-distance transmission as it effectively combats the dispersion that can occur in distances longer than 100 km.
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This Dispersion Compensation Module (Low Loss, Wide Band Range) supports DWDM Transmission System and features a wide band range and extra-low residual dispersion.
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ID: GaoTek-DCM-107

The GaoTek In long-distance transmissions, self-phase modulation (CSO) and fiber dispersion are problems that high-power analog optical transmission systems, particularly those operating at 1550 nm wavelength, must contend with.
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ID: GaoTek-DCM-105

The GaoTek ITU G.652 standard single-mode fiber may seem limiting with its C-Band dispersion of 16.6 ps/nm, but there’s no need to despair.
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ID: GaoTek-DCM-103

GaoTek Dispersion Compensation Module (DCM) is designed to fix the form of optical signals that are deformed by chromatic dispersion.
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ID: GAOTek-DCM-101

GAOTek DCM model is a negative dispersion optical fiber, which is a new type of single mode optical fiber designed for presently laid G.652& G.655standard single-mode optical fiber.