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ID: 246001tek

Great for field service, warehousing and inventory control.

ID: 216001tek

Modular reader unit with 8 antenna ports; 4 for reading, 4 for listening.

ID: 236003tek

Heavy duty industrial reader with listen before talk port (LBT) .

ID: 216024tek

Compatible with ISO18000-6C or ISO18000-6B protocols.

ID: 216007tek

Enhanced interference rejection and monostatic antenna connections.

ID: 236025tek

Compact UHF RFID reader and tag programmer.

ID: 216021tek

An all-in-one device operating at 860 to 960 MHz.

ID: 236026tek

Developed for use in industrial applications.

ID: 216015tek

This fixed four port reader is optimized for full portal installation.

ID: 216004tek

A high performance RFID reader for demanding applications.

ID: 236019tek

Features best-in-class air interface performance.

ID: 275002tek

This UHF RFID fixed reader is highly sensitive.

ID: 227001tek

This UHF RFID reader PCMCIA card is a long-range (up to 100 meters) interrogator.

ID: 236004tek

The GenTop™ Standalone RFID Reader/Writer designed for the desktop.

ID: 236013tek

The integrated UHF RFID reader series offers an enterprise level.

ID: 236012tek

This UHF RFID reader utilizes a local personal computer.

ID: 236007tek

The Standalone UHF Gen2 RFID Reader/Writer is designed for the desktop.

ID: 246008tek

This handheld UHF Gen 2 RFID Reader offers flexible options.

ID: 216002tek

This integrated Gen 2 RFID Reader/Writer is an all-in-one device.