GAOTek offers a large selection of crack detectors which are affordable, easy to operate and user-friendly. For some industries such as aviation, civil, infrastructure and space technology, even the slightest crack can lead to risks of hazards. There have been cases in the past where projects costing billions were destroyed in seconds due to a minute crack on the surface of the body. GAOTek provides trustworthy devices with various features that are helpful in detecting the smallest crack on an object.


In the past, manual inspection was recommended for detecting cracks. Manual inspection as a process requires that irregular conditions are noted manually. As this approach does not guarantee accuracy and is time-consuming, automatic image-based devices are now used in industries. GAOTek provides high-tech crack detectors that comply with industry standards for sale to the United States, Canada and globally.


GAOTek offers crack detectors that work in a very simple way to detect the crack. It is recommended to understand the functioning of our different crack detectors.  Our devices are using the latest technology for detecting cracks on a surface. Image processing technique is used as it is more accurate and reliable in comparison to the traditional method. Our crack detector cameras have high resolution providing a clear and precise image. There are several steps involved in this process:

1)    Initially, you need to collect the image of the wall or surface that needs to be tested using crack detector device.

2)    After the image acquisition, the gathered images are pre-processed by using methods like segmentation that make it efficient one for the image cleaning process.

3)    It involves a technique that makes clear and you will get a specific image of crack at the end. It eliminates the background color and objects.

4)    Lastly using the image from step 4 cracks are detected and separated based on the width, depth, and the direction of the growing crack.


GAOTek’s crack detectors are feature-rich, including:

  • Easy to use, lightweight and portable
  • Can be used for both crack depth measurements and width measurements
  • Auto/ Manual functions
  • Available in three modes: Real-time, manual, and digital
  • Excellent file management functions that enable quick and easy data search
  • Long battery life
  • Consist of professional software that can generate reports and analysis more precisely
  • Allows touch screen operation
  • Allows real time images with the latest software
  • Capable of storing 10,000 images which can easily be transferred to computer via USB
  • High sensitivity allowing the detection of extremely small cracks
  • Results are immediate so action can be taken on the spot
  • No harmful effect on the working personnel

In addition, our crack detectors include basic functions such as full-screen functioning, memory space for data storage automatic gain warning function, data communication and language options. GAOTek is committed to providing you best products that are reliable and efficient.


GAOTek’s crack detectors are mainly used in measuring the width and depth of cracks in bridges, walls, surface, concrete road, tunnels, and metal surfaces.

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