High-Purity Water Conductivity Meters

GAO Tek high-purity water conductivity testers are specialized instruments designed for accurately measuring the electrical conductivity of ultrapure or high-purity water. These testers are particularly crucial in industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, power generation, and laboratory settings, where maintaining the purity of water is essential. Some of the key features and benefits of our water conductivity meters are the detection of ultra-low conductivities, quality assurance in pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing, power plant applications, laboratory research, detection of trace contaminants, advanced temperature compensation, quick response time, compatibility with ultrapure water systems, and validation of water treatment processes.

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Conductivity Meter with Temperature (High purity water)

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Temperature and Conductance sensor is designed for technicians to test purity of water effectively.

Portable Conductivity Meter With DJS-1C (High Purity Water)

GAO Tek Portable Conductivity Meter with DJS-1C conductance sensor is used by technicians to test purity water level effectively.