Ohmmeters with Data Logging

GAO Tek ohmmeters with data logging functionality record and store resistance measurements over time, offering benefits like comprehensive data analysis, trend identification, and historical tracking. Ideal for applications where understanding resistance variations is crucial, such as long-term monitoring, quality assurance, and troubleshooting. The data logging feature enhances efficiency by automating data collection, providing valuable insights into system performance, and aiding in preventive maintenance.
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Megohmmeter with Data Storage (Auto Voltage Release)

This Megohmmeter with Auto Voltage Release measures insulation resistance and displays automatic release of voltage and comes with 18 groups of data storage capacity.

Milliohm Meter with Data Hold (Battery Identity Test)

This Milliohm with Data hold battery tester analyzes the degradation of the battery by testing the internal resistance and voltage ranging from 0.1 mΩ to 200 Ω, 0 - 50 V DC voltage.

Micro ohmmeter with data hold (Remote trigger)

This Micro Ohmmeter with data hold and remote trigger is designed to measure high, medium and low value resistances for a wide measuring range from  0.001 mΩ ~ 20.100 MΩ